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Goodness Knows
we come to feel it all.

Goodness Knows
it’s all a lesson of love.

Goodness Knows
the possibilities are endless.


Author / Artist / Educator

My dad used to call me a gypsy. That seems pretty accurate considering I’ve always been the type of girl that has to be in the know and on the go. And on this wandering caravan called life, I’m grateful to ride alongside talented, passionate and committed artists. They are poets, musicians, dancers, designers and painters whose unwavering passion for their craft, belief in their personal value and gift for storytelling inspire each challenge and every leap ahead.

As an adventure addict, arts advocate and chronic metaphor maker, I take creativity seriously. How serious? Twenty-five years immersed in the design and entertainment marketing community is a good start. My commitment to strong design leadership means I’ve collaborated with hundreds of artists, educators and entrepreneurs to help define personal brands as well as popular culture media including Star Wars, X-Men and The Sound of Music. I’ve always had a good sense of direction. In fact, the title “Director” has been on my business card for decades. But what happens when a leader gets in her own way, or worse, loses her sense of direction altogether? When I felt happier sitting in a coffee shop with my journal than working on a blockbuster movie, I thought my career had hit a dead end. Instead, I was hit with a “brick to the head” and it said: You’re a writer.

So, welcome to my website, home to my written work, related art and merchandise goodies. Take a look around, make yourself comfortable. I’m deeply grateful for your company and look forward to keeping you inspired to visit again and again.


PS, when I’m not writing, working with clients or hanging with family,
you can usually find me dancing at one of these online parties: